Download Remix OS For PC & Install On Desktop PC/Laptop

install remix os for pc and download free

Here’s a guide on how to download and install Remix OS for PC Desktop / laptop and update on the latest version. You can download Remix OS Player for PC, but to get a complete experience of Remix OS and to ensure it runs without any issues, i suggest you manually install Remix OS from scratch as the Remix OS Play may lack in certain features that are available in fully Remix OS for PC.

If you wish to share things up on your Windows or MAC desktop or laptop and want to try a new OS that will allow you to play Android apps/games on PC, then you won’t find many better operating systems than Remix. Remix OS for PC turns your PC desktop or laptop into a virtual Android device that allows you to download and install Android apps and games on computer without having to install added supporting tools, programs or drivers.

In this article, i am going to walk you through a simple process which will enable Android or non-Android users alike to install and setup Remix OS on PC/Laptop computer.

The best features of Remix OS, which sets it apart from other Android App Player for PC is its portability. You can save Remix OS on a USB stick and carry it around in your pocket. Just connect your USB flash with Remix OS installed on it and start enjoying Android experience on desktop PC or laptop. Once installed on USB drive, you can play it like any other program on PC. The Remix OS installation process takes hardly a few minutes as we are going to show you in the guide below.

To give you some background information regarding Remix OS, its developed by a firmware named JIDE, which is established by a former Google employee who work on this Remix OS project to bring Android experience on Desktop PC and laptop.

Prerequisites To Install And Setup Remix OS On PC, Desktop or Laptop

  • A PC desktop or laptop with Windows or MAC running on it.
  • USB (3.0) Flash Drive/stick with minimum 8GB storage and FAT32 file system with writing speed of 20MB/secs or above.
  • Fully activated Legacy Boot Manu and BIOS on PC.
  • Optional: A torrent client installed on PC.
  • Remix OS USB Installer.

How To Install Remix OS for PC, Remix OS Download Free

1 – First of all, you need to download the Remix USB Installer to install the Remix OS 2.0 to USB drive. Use any torrent client (preferably uTorrent) to download Remix OS Installer.

2 – Next, you need to format the USB drive, make sure USB drive doesn’t have any data saved on it otherwise it will be deleted, and also that its should be in FAT32 format.

3 – Now, install the Remix USB Installer. You need Remix USB Installer in order to flash Remix OS to the USB stick. It will also include the Bootloader package on it.

4 – Start the tool, and select the ISO file and then the drive on which you wish to install the file.

5 – Here, the Remix USB tool will come in to your aid by selecting an ISO file to load and format USB flash. Hit OK to start the flashing process.

6 – Wait for the files to extract and install up the Bootloader into USB drive.

7 – Once complete, you will see a blue screen with two options on it: Guest Mode and the Resident Mode. Select the Resident Mode and Hit continue.

8 – Now install Remix OS by following the on-screen setup instructions as normal. Select desired language and accept terms & conditions.

9 – That’s all.

Common Error And Fix While Installing Remix OS On PC:

You might see the following error code during the Remix OS installation on PC;

early console in decompressing_kernel

Decompressing Linux… Parsing ELF…. done

Booting the kernel

Detecting Android-x86… Found at dev/sbd1

Initialize Data Partition

Checking Data Partition

If each such error, your PC will restart. Send comments below, we will do our best to address Remix OS installation problem for you.

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