Download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 for Pokemon GO 0.71.0 on PC


Here you can download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 Pokemon GO hack app for PC. As you know that Pokemon Go has been updated to the latest version 0.71.0, download latest Pokemon GO 0.71.0 APK to update to the latest version of the original game on your device. In this guide i am going to show you how to download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 for Pokemon GO 0.71.0 on desktop/laptop. In the initial hysteria which surrounded Pokemon GO, every Pokemon Trainer could be seen on the streets looking for Pokemon. Streets, parks, gyms and many other places were full of Pokemon GO players running throughout the day in search of rare Pokemon. As the initial excitement began to wane, people started looking for ways to find Pokemon that wouldn’t require much effort. Therefore, to make it easier for Pokemon GO players, NoxxDev has developed a solution named Necrobot Forked. With this Pokemon GO hack you can easily catch Pokemonuse PokeStope, and quickly evolve Pokemon on your PC Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1 (32bit/64-bit).

Previous version 0.9.6 of Necrobot Forked has some bugs and issues. So, NoxxDev decided to address bugs found in the previous version and launched a new one 0.9.7 for PC users. Here we have a complete guide for you to download and install Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 for Pokemon GO 0.71.0 on all Android phones and tablets. Now you don’t need to run for hours around your locality to find Pokemon as this Pokemon GO hack will surely take care of that on your behalf.

pokemon go pc hack

This Pokemon GO bot links to your official Pokemon GO account without getting detected by Niantic and enabled you to catch and evolve Pokemon as well as helps you to use Pokestops better.

Download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 for PC Windows:

1 – Download Necrobot Forked 0.9.7 or download mirror on PC.

2 – Extract the downloaded file.

3 – Launch NecroBot.exe

4 – A console window generating the config/auth JSON files will show on the screen.

5 – Head to the Config/auth.json files.

6 – Open any text editor on PC and copy the auth.json file on to it, and start editing the fie.

7 – During editing change the Auth type to Google or PTC. (Everything your type must be in quotes otherwise the authentication process won’t work).

8 – Enter your Pokemon GO credentials in Google or PTC auth file, depending on which one you choose.

9 – Now save the Auth.json file.

That’s all. Pokemon GO bot has been installed on PC now play Pokemon on computer and start catching rare Pokemon.

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