Download NDS4iOS Emulator for iOS 10 without Jailbreak

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In this tutorial, see how to download and install NDS4iOS Nintendo Emulator for iOS 10 without jailbreak on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can now install NDS4iOS Nintendo DS Emulator on iOS 10, 10.1, 10.1.1 with no jailbreak required method.

Mobile gaming is on the rise so much so that its being tipped to surpass other gaming platform as the main source of gaming in future because of the convenience it offers users who can simply pick up their mobile device anywhere and start playing. Portability of mobile devices has also played a significant role in the ever increasing popularity of the mobile gaming. When it comes to mobile gaming Apple’s iOS platform has the library of gaming second only to perhaps Android platform. You can find millions of games in different genres from iOS game category in the App Store. However, many still like classic Nintendo titles that started it all, i mean the gaming revolution. Nintendo made gaming famous, many of use grew up playing Nintendo games who still like to refresh childhood memories by playing Nintendo games every now and then.

Obviously Nintendo games are not available officially on iOS, but there are many emulator tools available that you can use to download and install Nintendo games on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to get same great Nintendo gaming experience on your iOS running device. Some of the popular emulator tools include Nintendo DS, NewGamePad emulatorGBA4iOS emutlator, iNDS emulator, and many others. However, most of these require you to jailbreak iOS device for playing classic Nintendo titles on iPhone, iPad or iPod Toucg. However, there is this NDS4iOS Emulator for iOS 10 or later that you can download and install on your device without jailbreak.

You can play Nintendo DS games on iOS without jailbreak with this NDS4iOS emulator tool. If you are using a device running on iOS 10, iOS 10.1, iOS 10.1.1, then get ready to install Nintendo DS emulator tool on your device to play NDS games and rekindle memories with your favorite childhood games. You can try this method below to install NDS4iOS emulator on iOS 9 running device but that required jailbreaking your device. However, if you are using iOS 10 or later version on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, there is no need to jailbreak your device in order to get NDS4iOS emulator working.

nds4ios for ios 10 10.1 10.1.1 10.2 10.2.1 download and install

How To Download And Install NDS4iOS Nintendo DS Emulator For iOS 10, 10.1, 10.1.1, 10.2, 10.2.1 On iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Before starting, let me put this into your notice that Apple constantly monitoring apps such as NDS4iOS and revokes their access on iOS devices as they are officially approved by the company. Once Apple revokes access of an app, you cannot sideload it on your device. Although, you can go ahead and try the method below, but if it doesn’t work it means Apple has blocked it from working on iOS devices. However, these kind of emulator tools get constant updates to make them work again on iOS. So, if its not working on your device, check again in a few days time, we’ll update this post with instructions for installing updated version.

Step 1 – Launch Safari browser on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 2 – Visit if this doesn’t work enter in the address bar to see if this page is still working.

download nds4ios nintendo emulator for ios

Step 3 – Now, tap on the Install button located in the top-right corner of the web page. Tap Install on the next two prompts that appears on the screen.

Step 4 – Wait for the app to finish downloading and go back to the home screen.

Step 5 – Next, open the Settings app on your iOS device and head over to General > Profile (General > Device Management and then tap on the firmware version on iOS 9).

Step 6 – Find the newly added profile and select it by tapping on it followed by tapping Trust option on the pop-up. Tap Trust on the next pop-up box as well.

Step 7 – This will complete the installation of the NDS4iOS emulator on your device.

Now let’s see how to install ROMs on the newly installed emulator tool. Since it’s not possible for us to provide direct link to the ROMs, you can find them yourself on the internet to unzip them before loading them onto your device. Here’s the process you need to follow to perform the said task:

1 – Launch iTunes on PC Windows or MAC.

2 – Connect your device to computer via USB lightening cable.

3 – In iTunes, select your device from the navigation bar situated at the top of the iTunes interface and click on the Apps option.

4 – Under the File Sharing you will see a list of Apps, scroll down until you see the nd4ios app icon and select it.

5 – Now, in the adjacent field under the title ‘nds4ios Document’ drag and drop the .nds file of the game or games that you wish to load onto the emulator tool.

6 – Next, open the NDS4iOS app and tap on the menu icon in the top-left corner.

7 – In the menu, tap on the ROM List option where you will see games you just loaded onto your emulator app.

8 – Now tap on the game icon who wish to play and enjoy.

9 – That’s all.

Do let us know if you are facing issues in installing NDS4iOS emulator on iOS devices in the comments section below. Also, keep checking this page as we will update it to reflect any changes in the setup process or when the new update of the emulator tool becomes available.

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