Download Magisk v14.3 with Invincible Mode

magisk v14.3 with invincible mode download link

We have brought fully working links to Download Magisk v14.3 for Android devices. Magisk is a popular systemless interface and root solution developed by an XDA member topjohnwu. New update has landed which now includes the Invincible Mode aimed to permanently fix root loos issue on Android. Android users had been anxiously waiting for this feature. Finally it is here in the latest Magisk v14.3 update. Moreover, you can also download the Magisk Manager v5.4.0 from the link below. This version improves upon the features of the previous update such as the ability to install scripts without needing a custom recovery, the official support for the Google Pixel A/B partition scheme (which is exclusive only to Pixel phones at the moment), and more. Magisk has become the preferred choice among the fans of Android root due to its superior features when compared to Chainfire’s SuperSU. Download Magisk v14.3 and Magisk Manager v5.4.0 from links below.

The new Invincible Mode, when enabled, ensures that the Magisk Daemon stays activated to immediately reboot automatically if the daemon stops working or killed for any reason. XDA developer constantly releases updates with bug fixes and improvements to enhance user experience. If you have the Magisk installed on your device, then you also need to download the latest version of the Magisk Manager v5.4.0 and use the APK file from the link below to update the tool. It can then be used for refreshing the app. Also make sure to re-toggle Magisk Hide to bypass Google’s SafetyNet checks so that you can keep using root specific apps and services on your device. Download Magisk v14.3 for Android from links below.

What is Magisk System Interface and Root Solution ?

Magisk comes with a multipurpose Universal Systemless Interface for Android that enables custom mods and makes hacks go systemless, meaning they keep working without getting detected by security walls. It allows users to gain root access on Android without modifying the system partition. Magisk makes it possible for apps to keep receiving OTA update even on a rooted device. It has an advantage over SuperSU in a way that it helps you to keep using Android Pay, Pokemon GO, and other apps with root.

Magisk v14.3 Invincible Mode:

Magisk prevents the loss of root due to crashing of the Magisk Daemon. There is no need to reboot your device to re-enable root after every crash once you have installed the Magisk v14.3. This is all thanks to a new “Invincible Mode” in this version.

Other minor changes include better handling of logcats and stability improvements in the main Magisk app. The proprietary components used for SafetyNet checks have been modularized. This means Magisk can now be categorized as the full FOSS (free and open-source software). The Magisk Manager v5.4.0 automatically rejects the template version lower than 4to to avoid bootloop errors.

Magisk v14.3 Changelog:

  • [MagiskBoot] Fix Pixel C installtion
  • [MagiskBoot] Handle special lz4_legacy format properly, should fix all LG devices
  • [Daemon] New universal logcat monitor is added, support plug-and-play to worker threads
  • [Daemon] Invincible mode: daemon will be restarted by init, everything should seamlessly through daemon restarts
  • [Daemon] Add new restorecon action, will go through and fix all Magisk files with selinux unlabled to system_file context
  • [Daemon] Add brute-force image resizing mode, should prevent the notorious Samsung crappy resize2fs from affecting the result
  • [resetprop] Add new “-p” flag, used to toggle whether alter/access the actual persist storage for persist props

Download Magisk v14.3 & Magisk Manager v5.4.0 on Android

This is the beta version of the Magisk 14.3 for Android. It is available in zip file format from the link below. Download Magisk 14.3 and install it if you want to root Android using Magisk.

  • Download Magisk v14.3 zip file – Link (also check the official thread for latest updates)
  • Download Magisk Manager v5.4.0 APK – Link

How To Install Magisk V14.3 For Android

Installation process is simple on Android. Download Magisk 14.3 from above link and install it via TWRP recovery. If Magisk is already installed on your device, all you need to do is to download and install the updated Magisk Manager APK from the above link and use it to update Magisk within the app. You can also follow out tutorial on how to install Magisk on Android. Download Magisk Beta v14.3 and Magisk Manager 5.4.0 APK and share with friends.


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