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download lawnchair launcher apk

Popular LawnChair Launcher is now available for free download on android. The LawnChair launcher has received Google’s approval to feature on the Play Store. Those new to the LawnChair, it is a Google Pixel launcher in essence as many of its features mirror those of the stock launcher on the latest Pixel smartphones. This launcher can be customized anyway you like on a device running on Android 3.1 or higher version. There is no need to spend extra money on new gear in order to enjoy all stock Google Pixel Launcher features because you can get them in the form of LawnChair Launcher. It is specifically designed to allow users of non-Pixel Android smartphone enjoy all the great benefits of the the stock Pixel launcher. And you can do so for free. Those with an interest in the Google Pixel 2 Launcher can install the LawnChair Launcher to use the new features that were recently added to stock Pixel launcher.

The new LawnChair Launcher features the famous Google Now Tab showing on the top of the home screen. Then there is this Pixel Pill to make the UI appear aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can choose to hide the unwanted application using the launcher’s option. Custom iconpacks can be used to give a new look to the apps. Unlike on the stock Pixel launcher, this launcher allows you to set a transparent app tray on the home screen. You can use it to rename applications. Moreover, it enables you to save the scrolling position in the app tray. In short, the tool comes with a wide range of useful customization features. But to get them all, you need to install it first.

We have been able to grab the latest LawnChair Launcher APK. Download it from the link below and follow in the installation steps in the link given at the end.

Download Link for LawnChair Launcher APK

1 – Get latest fully working LawnChair Launcher APK from this download link.

2 – Now follow this link to install APK: How To Install LawnChair Launcher for Android.

3 – That’s it.

Enjoy best Google Pixel 2 Launcher alternative on your Android smartphone.

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