Download Android N (Nougat) Stock Wallpapers – [Super HD Wallpaper]


Here it is stock Android N wallpapers developer preview version for your phones. Download this latest HD Android Wallpapers on any mobile device running on any Android version. Google, rather unexpectedly, recently announced that is about to launch brand new Android OS version called Android Nougat or simply Android N. So far we have got a glimpse of its developers preview release along with Android N stock HD wallpapers which is quite stunning to be honest. Download Android N Wallpapers from links below.

Android N will come with many amazing new features for the first time on any smartphone. You can see detailed Android N features preview to see for yourself what is about to come your way. Google also released many stock wallpaper for Android N but so far all of the are available on developers version, we can’t access all of them yet. However, here is one of the main Android N stock wallpaper for you to download and install on Android devices.

Download Android N HD Stock Wallpaper:

This wallpaper was the first one that was released on developer preview image, but more wallpapers are expected to arrive in coming days which you will find here first.

See the link below to download HD Android N Stock Wallpaper on your device. Click on the link to expand the image and and save it on your device. This wallpaper is available in two resolutions, click on the either one or both depending on what resolution your device supports.

Download Android N Wallpaper: Link (2880 x 2560) | Link (2331 x 1920)

As you can see in the preview image that the picture is that of a landscape just after the sunset with an amazing mixture of pink, blue, and black.

Download Android N Super HD Stock Wallpapers

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