Download and Install Stable DreamUX ROM on Galaxy S5 with Galaxy S8 Features & Stock Apps


Android developers have started working on porting apps and features of the Galaxy S8 for other Android devices. Many previous models of the Samsung Galaxy phones have received Samsung Galaxy S8 based custom ROMs and firmware so that users of older Galaxy phones don’t miss out on amazing new Galaxy S8 features. Samsung has released new Galaxy S8 phones with an all new Galaxy S8 DreamUX TouchWiz firmware. Thanks to the hard work being put in by Android developers, who have managed to create the DreamUX TouchWiz firmware based custom ROMs, many users of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 are already enjoying latest features and stock apps of the Galaxy S8. Now it’s the turn of the Galaxy S5.

An Android developer has managed to crack the code of the Galaxy S8 DreamUX TouchWiz firmware to design the first ever Galaxy S8 ROM for the Galaxy S5. Since Samsung Galaxy S5 has been the biggest hit until last year’s Galaxy S7, that toppled it to grab the top spot of world’s most used phone, it keeps on getting a lot of attention from Android developers who release Galaxy S5 supported custom ROMs, firmware, and MODs from time to time who want to make sure that the users of the S5 phone have an updated device with latest features and apps.

The new Galaxy S8 DreamUX ROM for Galaxy S5 brings all the latest Galaxy flahship smartphone features, which includes apps, settings, launcher, weather widget, video, music apps, and much more.

How To Install Galaxy S5 Dream UX ROM With Galaxy S8 Apps/Widgets/Features


So far various tests have shown that this Galaxy S5 DreamUX ROM is the most stable version that can be used for a perfect Galaxy S8 experience. Included in this ROM is a complete pack featuring Galaxy S8 apps, launcher, weather widget, voice recorder, keyboard, fonts, sounds, browser, and much more.

The Galaxy S8 ROM for S5 has been build on the latest firmware version. It is rooted with SuperSU 2.79. Moreover, it’s deodexed, debloadted and features a Boeffla kernel to enhance battery performance and charging.

All Snapdragon variants of the Galaxy S5 smartphone work with this Galaxy S8 ROM. See a list of all supported models:

  • SM-G900F
  • SM-G9009D
  • SM-G900I
  • SM-G900P
  • SM-G900T
  • SM-G900S
  • SM-G900L
  • SM-G900K
  • SM-G9006
  • SM-G9008
  • SM-G9009W
  • SCL23 (Japan)
  • SC-04 (Japan)

If you own one of the above mentioned variants of the Galaxy S5, then follow the steps below to download and install Galaxy S8 DreamUX ROM for Galaxy S5.

Download Files Required:

Steps to Install Galaxy S8 ROM for Galaxy S5

1 – First of all, make sure your device has TWRP recovery installed on it. If you don’t know, then click on the above link to learn the process of installing TWRP on Galaxy S5.

2 – Download the Galaxy S8 DreamUX ROM.

3- Copy the ROM file to your phone’s storage.

4 – Power off your device.

5 – Press and hold the volume up + home + power keys together to boot your device into recovery mode.

6 – In the recovery menu, perform wipe data, cache and factory reset in order to clean your device for error free installation of the new ROM. Backup device data before factory reset.

7 – Now, in the recovery mode, go to ‘Install zip’ and select the ROM file and swipe left to flash it.

8 – Wait for the installation to complete and reboot your device.

That’s all. First reboot may take several minutes so be patient to let the new ROM finalize settings and apps in the background. Once done, you can start enjoying amazing new Galaxy S8 firmware experience with latest apps, features, widgets, and much more.

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