Download ADB And Fastboot Tools Without Android SDK Or Studio

adb and fastboot direct download links without sdk package

Here you can download Android ADB and Fastboot tools for Windows, MAC, or Linux without Android SDK or Android Studio from direct download links.

Android ADB and Fastboot tool is essential for flashing custom ROMs, recoveries, firmware, kernels, and sideloading over-the-air (OTA) updates on your Android device. Android’s open source nature allows users to perform tweaks and customization tasks to personalize mobile or tablet according to personal liking. Mostly expert Android users use ADB and Fastboot tools to customize their devices. But until now they came as a part of the overall SDK or Android Studio package. However, it’s now possible to directly download Android ADB and Fastboot tools without having to first install SDK or Android Studio package first.

Download and installing Android ADB and Fastboot has become a whole lot more easy with the direct download link given below. Google has finally allowed to directly download ADB and Fastboot customization tool to tweak the Android firmware on smartphones and tablets.

In the past, users were required to find and copy the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot tools on their own, which involved the installation of the full Android Studio development too where users had to perform some unnecessary steps just to get ADB and Fastboot tool. Moreover, the ADB and Fastboot tools only available unofficially, which one released weren’t updated to keep up with changes in the Android firmware resulting in errors and problems during the Android customization process.

For the first time Google has released official ADB and Fastboot tool with compatibility with Android firmware. Google’s ADB and Fastboot official tool will receive regular updates to keep up with the new changes in Android firmware so that users don’t face any issues during customization process.

With this official ADB and Fastoot tool set, which is now available in two separate download links below, lends credence to the whole Android customization process as the previous ADB and Fasbtoot tools lacked the official support. According to a Google + post:

Ever wanted to download adb or fastboot without having to download the whole of Android Studio?…but didn’t want to download executables from some random warez site?

These links will always return the adb/fastboot binaries currently shipping with Android Studio. No need to guess what the current version is, or update your own links: just follow these and get the latest binaries, direct from the source.

This is thanks to Siva Velusamy and Kevin Quinn.

You can download official Android ADB and Fasboot tool files from the direct links below on MAC, Windows, or Linux. The download file is hardly 4MB of size. Click on the download links below to get ADB and Fastboot tools directly from Google without Android SDK package.

Download ADB and Fastboot For Windows

Download ADB and Fastboot for MAC

Download ADB and Fastboot for Linux

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