Disable Lock Screen Widget in iOS 10 – Here’s How To


Apple recently rolled out its latest mobile operating system the iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple is calling iOS 10 its best OS yet and it is packed with many new features that most modern smartphone users need to carry out daily tasks quickly. There are many new features embedded in the iOS 10. But you will find some aspects less palatable especially the screen feature is irritating to say the least. The lock screen on iOS 10 has undergone a significant design change that includes a new unlocking procedure. Apart from this, lock screen now has a new widget which you can see by swiping left. For some this maybe useful and does infuse some colors to the device’s display but mostly you won’t be needing it. Here see how to disable lock screen widget in iOS 10.

Disable Widget on the Lock Screen in iOS 10

Widgets on smartphones where first introduced by Google in its Android OS and they have grown to become an integral part of the Android ecosystem. But iOS prides itself from being different from Android, and die-hard iOS fans may not appreciate this new lock screen widget feature borrowed from Android. Therefore, we are going to demonstrate how you can disable lock screen widget in iOS 10. It’s a simple process to remove widget from iOS 10 lock screen, see step-by-step guide below for it.

1 – Grab your iOS 10 powered iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

2 – Launch the Settings app.

3 – Under Settings, go to the ‘Touch ID and Passcode’ panel and type your security code when prompted.


4 – Once in the Touch ID and Passcode, under ‘Allow Access When Locked’ section, toggle OFF the ‘Today View’ option.


This will disable the lock screen on your devices. Now press the home button and lock your device. Now open the lock screen and swipe left. You will notice that there is no lock screen widget when you swipe left.

Those who need daily up-to-date information about news, weather, reminders and other tasks, should keep lock screen widget enabled but it can also expose your notifications to someone else if that person swipes left on the lock screen. So its better to keep this feature OFF as much as possible for privacy reason. You can edit lock screen widget. Tap on the edit button on the bottom of the widgets and set widget according to priority or remove the ones you don’t need.

That’s all. What are your thoughts about iOS 10? Do you often use lock screen widget? Is it of any help? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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