Disable iOS 10 Press Home To Unlock / Open on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Lock Screen – Here’s How To


Here see how to disable Press Home to Unlock / Open on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch lock screen and re-enable one-click unlocking on iOS 10 powered devices. New Apple iOS devices are using the second-generation Touch ID sensor slotted inside the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, or iPad Pro. This Touch ID sensor is extremely sensitive to the finger touch and many a times you would accidentally end up unlocking or locking the device with the strayed glance of finder over the touch ID home button. iOS Press Home to Unlock features can get quickly activated as the touch ID sensor reacts so fast to any sort of intentional or unintentional finger contact. But this could get frustrating for many, so here is a guide on how you can change this iOS 10 Press home to unlock or open feature and revert to iOS 9 style device unlocking.

Those who have upgraded to iOS 10 or planning on buying a new iOS 10 powered device but want to stick to the good old resting finger onto the Touch ID/Home button could do so from Accessibility settings in iOS 10 powered devices. The method below works on all iOS 10 powered iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices, you can use it on your iOS device if the new way of unlocking iPhone/iPad/iPod touch doesn’t appeal to you.

How to Disable Press Home to Unlock / Open on iOS 10 Devices and Go Back to Resting Finger on Home Button to Unlock / Lock iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Now you can unlock / lock iOS 10 devices in two ways. Apple has added the new ‘Press home to unlock or open’ feature and it is enabled by default. But you can also use older ‘resting finger on home button to unlock’ option but it has to be activated manually from Settings as it is disabled by default on iOS 10.

1 – Launch the Settings app on your iOS 10 powered device.

2 – In Settings, navigate to General > Accessibility.

3 – Accessibility Settings menu is stuffed with many useful options that can greatly enhance the device’s performance. But for now, our main focus will be on the Home Button option, so tap on that option on the list.

4 –  Now in Accessibility Home Button option screen you will see an option called Rest Finger to Open. According to Apple, this new option in iOS 10 ‘Opens iPhone with Touch ID, without having to press the Home button’. It means that after enabling this option, your device will be unlocked and locked just like older iOS devices when you used to place finger on the Home Button/Touch ID to unlock the device. Now toggle the Rest Finder to Open switch to the ON position to revert to the iOS 9 like way of unlocking your device and to disable new Press Home to unlock feature.

5 – That’s all.

Now you will be able to unlock/open or lock your iOS 10 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch just by resting finger on the Touch ID Home button. If you still haven’t upgraded to iOS 10 then check out all latest iOS 10 direct download links and install Apple’s latest mobile operating system on your device.

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