Complete List of iOS 10 Third-Party Apps with Siri Integration


Apple has opened its Siri voice search assistant tool to third-party app developers in latest iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and iPod Touch. Here is a complete list of iOS 10 third-part apps with Siri Integration for all iOS 10 compatible devices.

Apple first launched Siri alongside the iPhone 4S what seems an eternity ago, ever since there has been no shortage of digital search assistants on the market. Almost all tech companies have their own voice search assistant. However, Personal digital search assistants still have a lot of room for improvement. On iOS, Siri’s limited reach stagnated its development making it unable to communicate with third party apps. Apple realized this and made it available for third-party apps in iOS 10, so that other developers can bring in their expertise to improve Siri experience for users. Now you can ask Siri to type your WhatsApp messages or as it to read them for you.

We are still in early stages of iOS 10 Siri integration with third-party apps, but with time the list of Siri Supported apps on iOS 10 will increase and here we will keep you posted as and when new apps with Siri integration are released. You favorite app may not be on the current Siri list of third-part apps below, but rest assured a flurry of new apps with Siri support will surely come out in coming days as developers start working on updates to add Siri integration.

In the list below, there are apps for dating, messaging, finding jobs, note taking and more with Siri support. The list of apps with Siri is growing rapidly and we will strive to keep the list updated for the discernible future. Almost those disgruntled fans of Siri who clamored for the improvement in Siri functionality can take solace in the fact that the iOS 10 has brought jaded Siri back to life with the third-party app integration. And by all counts, it is on course to improve further after this move by Apple.


List of iOS 10 Siri Compatible Apps – (updated list)

WhatsApp Mesenger

Notebook – Take Notes, Sync across devices

Numflix – Free Phone Number for Messages and Calls

Square Cash

Lyft – Taxi App Alternative

Between – Relationship App for Couples



Slopes: Skiing & GPS to find Family and Friends

The Roll – Automatically organize your camera roll



Discover Mobile

Convo – Team Collaboration for the enterprise

Zova – Fitness to feel great

Map My Run – GPS Running & Workout Tracker

Blast Baseball 360

Canva – Graphic Design & Photo Editing

Trails – Outdoor GPS Logbook

Cisco Spark

Fitso Running & Fitness App

Essential MobileConnect


Zenly – Realtime GPS to find family and friends

Vogue Runaway

Map My Run – GPS Running & Workout Tracker

ServiceM8 – Field Service for Contractors

This list is constantly growing with daily thousands of app getting Siri integration updates. If we missed any app then see app update notes before downloading the updated version from Apple App Store on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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