CES 2017: LG Turns Up the Head On Samsung With Stunning Super UHD TV Lineup Powered By Nano Cell

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Battle for the best TV is at its zenith at the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 at Las Vegas. If you thought Samsung might just ran away with the prize of the best TV of 2017 with its Quantum Dot Tech powered TV at CES, then you might want to reconsider as LG might have just upset the odds with its own series of latest Super UHD TV lineup powered by next generation nano cell technology. Here’s everything you need to know on this story.

Every year at CES gathering manufacturers bring their latest TVs to the show. LG and Samsung are reputed as the two best manufacturers of TV technology in the world. The battle for supremacy between Samsung and LG is as fierce as ever as the two tech giants are unveiling their new lineup of LCD TVs at CES 2017. With so many TV screens on show at CES 2017, it’s hard to arrive at a definitive conclusion as to which one is the best of the lot. Samsung has been the king of TV technology for years. The South Koran tech company has left competitors biting the dust in previous years. However, 4K technology is still in nebulous phase as consumers are still getting used to the changes in the TV display technology, moreover, 4K TV sets are expensive. This has prompted a shift in the focus among TV producing companies around the world who are now trying to figure out ways to manufacture great TV sets at a reasonable price without compromising too much on the quality front.

This being said, LG might just have given a significant boost to nascent 4K TV market segment with the unveiling of its next-generation lineup of smart 4K TVs at CES 2017.

LG Unveils Super-HDR 4K TV Lineup With Thin Exterior At CES 2017

LG has lifted the lid on its Nano Cell Color Technology based Super UHD flagship lineup of TV sets. According the company, this new Nano Cell Color Technology delivers better results than the Quantum Dot Technology that will be inside the soon to be unveiled high-end Samsung TV sets at CES 2017.

LG has successfully managed to come up with its own Nano Cell LCD technology in Super UHD TV sets, which offers superior quality than Quantum Dot Technology in many ways, according to the company. Going on to claim that this Nano Cell tech “employs uniformly sized particles approximately one nanometer in diameter.” What this means is you can view video and picture from any angle without any loss in quality. This tech is designed to ensure the best wide angle viewing on a TV set, which until now was lacking on most LCD TV sets.

LG further states that viewers will not be able to spot any difference in color and video quality whether they are seated directly in front of the device or watching it from a 60-degree angle. Nano Cell technology also performs better when it comes to absorbing surplus light wavelengths, producing lucid and exact color reproduction. LG also claims that its latest lineup of Super UHD LCD TV sets competently handle fading and image instability issues that were long consider as the bane of TV manufacturers.

LG has also worked with Hollywood’s iconic color technology firm to produce unique Technicolor Expert Mode, which will relay true colors on the screen just the way original movie directors wanted them to be seen on a TV screen. Like most high-end TV sets these days, it comes with an attractive slim form factor. LG’s new series of TV sets feature MagicZoom, Magic Link for fast recommendations, Active HDR, and update webOS 3.5, which when combined in a single TV set deliver the best picture quality no matter what type of HDR data you use.

The South Korean tech firm has named these Nano Cell tech based Super UHD TVs as SJ8000 series, SJ8500 series, and SJ8500 series. Nothing is known about the pricing yet with more information regarding these 4K TV is expected to arrive at later stages of CES 2017, so stay tuned.

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