Browse Hidden Netflix Categories Using Chrome Extension

browser and watch hidden netflix categories using chrome extension

Previously we shared an indirect way of accessing hidden genres on Netflix app. Today, we are going to share a straight forward method of browsing Hidden Netflix Categories using this brilliant new Chrome extension. If you have been looking for a straight forward method of browsing hidden categories of content on Netflix, keep on reading as we are going to show you how to easily watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more that’s not been available or hidden in your country or region. And all it takes is one simple Chrome extension to unlock and browse hidden Netflix categories.

Netflix can really get annoying sometimes because of certain restrictions imposed by Netflix on default browsing making it harder for users to watch content other than what’s already showing on Netflix interface. It appears Netflix does this on purpose to keep control over what users can and cannot watch on the online streaming app.

However, you can now watch all categories on Netflix using a new extension available for free on Chrome web browser, including those categories that are hidden from view on the app.

Netflix Categories is a brilliant new Chrome Extension that’s easy to use for surfing all available categories on Netflix, including subcategories, from one list. Moreover, you can save your favorite category by clicking on the heart icon for quick access later. You can sort content by subcategories for quickly browsing and watching your favorite shows from the hidden categories.

browse hidden categories in netflix using netflix categories chrome extension

To get this great Netflix Categories extension for Chrome, click on the link here. Once installed on Chrome web browser, all you need to do is to click on the extension icon and type desired category in the search and click to open it on Netflix. Do make sure that you are on Netflix web page and logged in with your Netflix account before searching for hidden categories using the Netflix Categories extension on Chrome.

There are over 100 categories available for search via Netflix Categories extension. More categories will be added in future updated, according to the developer of the extension. Download Netflix Categories for free from the Chrome Web Store. For now, this extension is only available on Google Chrome web browser. Sadly, this extension is not available on Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browser at the moment.

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