Best Ways to Fix Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Bluetooth Issue


This tutorial is for those who are facing problems with Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ phones. Bluetooth is important on smartphones as it lets you quickly share files across devices. Many apps use Bluetooth to function properly. Bluetooth on Samsung Galaxy S8 is very useful but if for some reason its not working properly then follow instructions in this guide to learn how to fix Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth problems.

Bluetooth issues are common on Android devices and your day to day work can suffer greatly once it starts to effect your device. So, if Bluetooth is not working or you are facing Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues/problem, then read the solutions below to fix it. We are going to share number of solutions so that you can try each one until you manage to find the right solution for your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.

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How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on Samsung Galaxy S8 [Galaxy S8/S8+ Hacks]

1 – Restart Device

Like most issues on Android, Bluetooth not working problem can also be easily solved by a simple restart. First thing that you should do to fix Bluetooth is to restart Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. Most of the time Bluetooth problem is not serious and all it takes is a simple restart. If restarting your device fails to fix Bluetooth, then see the following solutions.

2 – Toggle Bluetooth ON/OFF

This solution is also straight forward. All you need to do is to switch Bluetooth OFF and then ON again. If your Galaxy S8 Bluetooth has stopped working, simply turn the Bluetooth toggle ON and OFF to fix the problem.

3 – Disconnect All Bluetooth Connections And Reconnect

Sometimes when you have Bluetooth connected to too many devices it can run into connection issues. In such cases, disconnect all Bluetooth connections on your device and reconnect them to see if that fixes the problem.

This is useful in find out whether the problem is with a certain device or your Bluetooth itself because when you disconnect devices one by one you will be able to easily identify the faulty connection and fix that one device connection instead of going ahead with complex fixing solutions.

4 – Turn Airplane Mode ON/OFF

If you are in a place where the coverage is slow or unstable, but you need to use Bluetooth but can’t do so , then turning the Airplane mode ON and OFF again can make Bluetooth work again. In fact, sometimes Bluetooth works better when the Airplane mode is ON than on default settings. Give this solution a go and see if it works to make Bluetooth function efficiently.

5 – Clear Cache

So you are facing difficulty in making Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth to work properly? Try clearing out cache to get it back to normal state. Just like your PC requires device clean up from time to time to remove junk that have clogged up over the period of time, similarly Samsung Galaxy S8 cache data requires regular clean up, which can fix any Bluetooth related issues as well.

Cleaning device cache has multiple benefits; it keeps your device in proper working condition, makes it run faster, removes harmful junks files and folders, and also fixes problems with connectivity including Bluetooth. So perform Cache clean out every now and then.

6 – Perform Factory Reset

Factory Reset feature on Android phones is a life saver when nothing else seems to be working to fix whatever problem your device is currently undergoing. Sometimes, you mess up device settings by mistake which can cause Bluetooth problems. Or you recently installed a new update that has broken Bluetooth on your device. In all these scenarios, a simple factory reset can free you from lots of worries when it comes to your Galaxy smartphone. So, perform Galaxy S8 factory reset, which will surely bring Bluetooth back to normal condition.

Wrap Up

Hopefully above solutions helped you fix Bluetooth on Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. However, even after trying all of the above solutions the problem persists then it’s time to have your device checked by a professional. If your device is still covered with official warranty, then take it to an official support center, they will fix any issue that you might be encountering on your device.

So that’s all when it comes to fixing Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth. Hopefully above solutions fixed the problem on your device. Do share which one worked for you or let us know if we missed any other working solution in the comments section below.

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