Best Ways To Enable, Disable & Customize the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge ‘Always On Display’ Feature


Many tech gurus reckon that the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Always On Display feature is a masterstroke by Samsung. The ‘Always On Display’ feature is not exclusive only on Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge devices, but Samsung has improved the concept by adding lots of new functions in Always On Display feature which you’ll find only on Samsung Galaxy Duo devices. Best thing about this feature is it puts the device in a special mode which optimizes the battery to make it last longer. With Always On Display feature you can squeeze out a few extra hours of battery life per charge. You can manually enable, disable or even customize Always On Display feature to make it display only predefined information and notification.

In the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices, Samsung has introduced its trademark Super AMOLED display technology. Super AMOLED displays are better than the display technology found on most other smartphones in a sense it consumes less battery than the other display technologies. What’s even better, in Samsung Galaxy S7 Always On Display, you can customize the feature by picking options and settings that you prefer to give it a personalized touch.

Customize Always On Display in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge:

When you enable the Always On Display feature in Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, it keeps the screen on even when you turn OFF the device display. When this feature is ON, you’ll notice a small section of the black device display is lit-up showing the notification waiting to be read, time, data, current battery level, messages, and many other options that you so choose to pick via device’s Settings app, see instructions below as to how to customize Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge Always ON display feature. If this Always On Display feature is not your cup of tea, you can disable it as well.

Customize/Enable/Disable Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge Always On Display

Just like any other Samsung feature, Always On Display has plenty of customization features. But first see, how to customize Always On Display.

  • Open Settings app on your Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge.
  • Or slide down the notification center to quickly access Always On Display feature.
  • Inside the Always On Display settings, turn the toggle ON or OFF to enable or disable the feature whenever you wish.

Now, here’s how you can customize Always On Display feature.

  • On the main screen in Always On Display settings menu, tap on the Content to Show to customize and set features that you wish to see on the Always On Display screen.
  • In the Content to Show option, you can select to see a calendar, image, clock in different styles.


  • Calendar style are of two types. Which is also available in the settings menu below the watch icon options.
  • You can select an Always On Display background image from 3 stock wallpapers and set it as image popup (more wallpaper themes can be downloaded from Samsung Store), or you can choose to keep the image-less background.

Customizing Galaxy S7 Always On Display feature takes hardly a few seconds. Set your favorite images, watch and calendar styles. In the recent update, Samsung now allows you to see call, messages, and app notification beside time, data and images. What’s more, Always On Display feature consumes less battery even when app notification push feature is enabled as it automatically adjust screen brightness based on the user’s surroundings. Although brightness level can be set manually when the Always On Display feature is enabled, but its does a such a perfect job itself that you won’t need to control it manually.

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For now, there’s no third-party app notification app option available in the Always On Display feature. Although it’s best for conserving device battery, but it lacks in certain respects and features, which hopefully Samsung may offer in future.

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