Best New Features of Android 8.0 / Android O Firmware

android 8.0 oreo best new featuers

Here are a list of Top Google 8.0 Oreo Features. Google is all set to release its latest Android 8.0 / Android Oreo mobile firmware. The next major Android firmware release could drop anything now. In fact, it has already been available as Android O Beta on compatible devices since May to collect user feedback regarding new features and to fix errors and bugs. Android 8.0 or Android O testing phase has ended and the full official public OTA update has been released for Nexus and Pixel branded smartphones. In the first phase, the Android 8.0 update will be rolled out on Nexus and Pixel devices, and then it will be made available to the OEMs to push it on their Android devices.

It is useful to know all the latest features and new changes that Google has cooked for Android users in its new version 8.0 Oreo. Here’s a roundup of all major new features of the Android O / Android 8.0 firmware.

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Picture In Picture Mode (PiP)

Modern smartphone are more about media consumption and less about calling these days. Keeping this in factor in mind, developers over there at Google brought a new PiP (Picture In Picture) mode in Android 8.0, which is a first for any Android firmware. Basically this PiP feature is useful for those who watch a lot of videos on their Android devices. User can tap on the back button while watching a video to put it in PiP mode when switching to a new app so that it can keep on playing in a smaller tab at the bottom right corner whenever you want to use another application. This feature resembles video minimization on YouTube mobile app. The videos in PiP remain paused, and the playback starts when user opens them. PiP screen can be customized to move around at the convenient position.

Fast Device Boot Up Time

This one was really needed as most of the previous Android firmware usually took a long time to boot the device. Although faster booting depends on the device’s hardware, but Google has made it clear that Android 8.0 promises to bring faster boot time irrespective of the hardware on which its running. Moreover, even the app loading time has been improved significantly in the Android O, according to Google. Beside faster boot time, another key area that Google claims to address relates to the battery life and memory with the introduction of ‘wide limits’ for the location and apps running the background.

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New Set of Emoji

android 8.0 new emoji

Emojis’ use has grown to such a level that they are considered an integral part of the smartphone experience. Most mobile apps support sending and receiving emoji. Google has ditched its dumdrop emoji style for the new round icons in Android 8.0 Oreo. New emoji icons include wizard, mermaid, throwing up, and more.


Notifications are key to a satisfactory smartphone experience. To keep abreast with the changing user pattern, Google has developed an all new notification channel starting from the Android O. What this does is it allows users to group notifications from various apps, like creating categories of related apps. This feature enables you to set notifications to appear under a type, for example, messaging app notifications will store all the information from the messenger apps installed on your device under one category for easy access. This is designed to give users a greater control over content management and enable them to view only those pop-ups they want to appear on the notification bar. Full notification bar customization and channels let users control apps notification categories.

android 8.0 notification bar

Notification layout has also been redesigned to give it a flatter look for displaying video and audio music notifications. Also added is a new color scheme with consistent colors with a fading background. Users can opt to receive live app notifications or turn them off permanently or for the specific period of time. Just like on iOS, the app icons will also have ‘notifications dots’ to remind user that the app’s notification has been missed and also to show the the new app update has been installed but hasn’t been opened since the update.

Improved Audio & Bluetooth Connectivity

Audio in the Android 8.0 Oreo is handled by high-quality Bluetooth audio codec – the LDAC codec, Android O’s AAudio technology, which is designed to work with app that require “high-performance, low-latency audio”. Google released the new AAudio API for Pro Audio feature in the Developer preview version of Android O.

android O LDAC audio bluetooth

There is a new Wi-Fi feature such as WiFi-Aware previously known as Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) for better connectivity. On supported devices, this feature will enable them to keep on communicating even without an internet connection. Google has worked in partnership with other hardware manufacturers to develop Wi-Fi Aware technology that can be made accessible on as many devices as possible. The new ConnectionService API now supports third-party calling app integrated into the system UI in order to make them work with other apps as well.

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Adaptive Icons

Adpative icons, some redesigned, open the avenue for better UI customization in Android O. This will allows users to create custom icons, and display them in different styles on the screen. Moreover, these icons can be set to animate when user taps on them.


Google has also redesigned stock apps icons by changing their older “Cylindrical” shape to new rounded square-shaped icons that exude modern appeal.

Smart Text

android 8.0 smart text feature

Android O features integrated machine learning to identify text elements such as names, addresses and more with greater accuracy. This will make copy-paste easier, and also makes personalized app suggestions. For example, if you select a number text, it will recommend the ‘Contacts’ app, or if you select an address, it will guide you to Google Maps app with directions to that address.

Background Data Usage

It’s not a hidden fact that background data usage reduces battery life. That’s why this new feature in Android O is meant to have a positive impact on the battery life by increasing it over a longer period of time. Android O comes with an internal app control mechanism that automatically manages all app data usage activities in the background in order to keep them at optimum level and thus able to extract more life out of the device battery. The firmware has three types of limits that can be used to restrict data consumption – implicit broadcasts, location updates, and background services.

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Google Play Protect

Starting from Android Oreo, Google is debuting a new program called “Google Play Protect”. This feature is aimed at keeping the malicious apps away from the accessing the vital user data. Back at the I/O event earlier this year, Google announced that the Play Protect feature scans 50 billion apps daily to ensure that they are safe. The new Google Play Protect will make Android O running devices more secure by allowing users to regularly scan apps on their devices via manual scan. You can also set it to auto-scan.

So, these are some of the main features of the Android O (Android 8.0 Oreo). We are anxiously waiting for the public release of the Android 8.0, some of you might have got it already installed on your Android device. You can share Android O experience in the comments section below. Android O is scheduled for release on August 21 starting with the OTA update for Nexus and Pixel with more Android devices added to its fold in the coming months.

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