Best Features of Android N (Nougat) – (Latest Android 7.0 OS from Google)


Android N, short name for Android Nougat, is the new OS from Google for all Android devices. This Android 7.0 version is going to replace current version Marshmallow 6.0 on Android mobiles, tablets and Chromebooks. Google has a track record of naming its mobile OS after fruits and bakery items and this latest Nougat, for those who don’t know what it means, is a confectionery treat full of sugar and honey topped with roasted nuts and fruits along with whipped egg in some types. Early testing version of Android N has been released for developers, final public launch is just a few weeks away. Here we are going to mention best features of Android N 7.0 to give you guys a preview of what’s to come in the latest version of Android.

Note that features mentioned here are part of early developers version for testing, final version may or may not contain some of these as it is or with some tweaks. Anyway, this testing version gives a good indication of what’s to expect in the next version of Android.

Better Notifications Area:


First difference you will notice in Android N is changed look of the notification area. It now has new shades and coloring pattern. With new Direct Reply feature you can reply in apps straight from the notification area, there is no need to open apps to reply to messages. So far you could do so with Google’s apps but now this feature will be available on third-party apps as well.

Another new thing about notifications in Android N is that you can bundle notifications related to a particular app together in a group and expand it in separate notification area so that it doesn’t get mixed with other notifications. This features comes in handy especially for messaging apps such as WhatsApp, where you can use split notifications to reply to individual messages according to importance.

Updated System UI Tuner with Auto Night Mode:


In Android N 7.0 you would be able to customize quick settings in System UI Tuner including new secret menu. You can now remove icons from status bar, adjust screen colors and brightness, changeable Do Not Disturb feature and Night Mode.

This new Night mode turns Android mobile to white-on-grey rather than black-on-white in the older Android OS versions. Reddish hue color temperature gives apps more authentic feel, this feature is best for viewing screens in complete darkness at night as it doesn’t put strain on eyes in the dark. What’s more, you can choose to turn the feature on depending on the time of day automatically. Just enable System UI Tuner to get new Night Mode in Quick Settings menu.

Longer Battery life with Optimized Battery Doze:


In current Android version 6.0 Marshmallow, phone is put to deep sleep to preserve battery life when the phone is not in use. However, there is a slight problem with it as this doze feature in Marshmallow is only enabled when phone is placed untouched and unmoved somewhere for a certain period of time, but mostly we carry them around in pocket, purses and in hands so doze feature rarely get activated most of the time.

But in Android N phone goes into light doze mode whenever the screen is off even when it’s in pocket or if you carry it around in hand. Then, when the phone is placed somewhere stationary for a while it automatically enters deep doze mode conserving battery life.

Call Block, Data Saving and Other Features:


More features in the next Android include Data Saver mode which lets you put data cap on mobile data usage to avoid being overcharged by the network provider. You get notified as soon as you reach the data limit.

Call blocking feature now includes blocking numbers to be removed from multiple apps when you block it from dialer. No need to separately open every app to block that number, just do it once from the dialer and rest will be taken care of automatically.

Other minor changes include faster boot time, new notification area appearance, call screening, more elaborate settings app menu and main menu tweaks.

Split Screen:


Perhaps the best feature in Android N is this split screen functions designed to makes multitasking easier. This feature enables you to split app screens side-by-side so that you can perform multiple tasks on one screens. To activate this feature just visit recent apps view on Android phone, tap and hold the app icon and drag it to the top or bottom, left or right in landscape mode, to view apps together on one screen. This lets you watch video on one app while texting/typing/reading in another app at the same time.

These are some of the prominent changes expected in Android N for Android Phone and Tablets. It is expected to be released officially on all Android powered devices in the third quarter of this year. Android 7.0 OS will first arrive on Nexus device with Stock Android features. Slowly, Google will roll out its versions for other Android devices across the board. If you can’ wait to try Android N then you can test it on Nexus devices by signing-up for OTA beta version via Google Notes. But this beta version contains some bugs, errors as it is still in development stage.

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