Bazel-Less iPhone May Finally Be On The Cards As Sharp’s New Rounded Corner Display Hints At Bazel-Less iPhone 8


Hardly a month has passed since the iPhone 7 launch and rumors related to the next Apple device the iPhone 8 have already started inundated the internet. Everyone is anxious to know what Apple has planned for the landmark 10th anniversary edition of the iPhone and we are not even in 2017 yet. The pace at which rumors and leaks are popping up, we may already know everything, including hardware/specs/design changes, for the next iPhone 8 or whatever Apple decides to call it.

And the biggest wish of all iPhone fans may finally be near fulfillment as latest rumors point towards first ever bazel-less all glass covered iPhone. There is no need of mentioning that the bazel-less iPhone device is on the top of every iPhone fan’s wishlist. Samsung has already showed us that manufacturing curved edges, bazel-less phones is not only possible but can also be a hit. Apple is allegedly on course to follow Samsung on the bazel-less smartphone path.

iPhone 8 May Feature Bazel-Less Display, According To The Latest Prototype Released By Sharp

Biggest hint about the bazel-less iPhone 8 has recently come out when Sharp released a new prototype of the bazel-less device. Remember, Sharp is the top contender for getting the contract of creating the display for the next iPhone 8 and is already in advanced stages of securing contract from Apple over the supply of OLED panels for future generations of iPhone.

Sharp’s new screen is build with Free-From Display technology dubbed Corner R, which enables IGZO LCD panels to be molded in different shapes. And this technology makes it possible to make panels that bend around the edges and corners of smartphone.

As you can see in the images, Sharp’s prototype is truly a groundbreaking technology. However, lets not be completely swayed by this new OLED panel technology to the point that we overlook some obvious issues that might be part and parcel of it such as accidental touches on the device display could trigger something unintended. But overall, bazel-less phones are set to become norm in tech industry giving us a glimpse to the feature.


But all this is still speculation and guesses, Sharp’s display concept technology may never be transported on iPhone, but there is also a good reason to believe that if Apple wants to fit in larger displays on smaller frame devices, then there are not many better options than the Sharp’s curved edged Corner R display technology.

Let’s keep fingers crossed that Apple and Sharp reach some sort of understanding and finalize agreement over the display technology to be made part of the next iPhone display.


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