ASUS Gearing Up To Launch First Ever Thinnest GTX 1080 Laptop

asus thinnest gtx 1080 gpu laptop ces2017

ASUS is all set to accomplish an astonishing feat that has alluded many PC manufacturers in the past. Latest reports coming out of ASUS show the details of the upcoming NVIDIA GTX 1080 powered laptop which will be the thinnest on record, even thinner than the Razer Blade Pro notebook. If you have used or seen the Razer Blade Pro, you would acknowledge the hard work put into the designing and manufacturing of the device, since its extremely difficult to slot in such a powerful hardware in a thin chassis. The Raze Blade Pro can be regarded as an engineering marvel of our times, which justifies the heavy price tag that comes with the device to an extent. However, latest reports seem to point that ASUS has something even more special lined up as the company is in the process of finalizing the process of scaling down the thickness of its upcoming gaming laptop that would beat the standard set by the Razer Blade Pro. It may very well be the world’s first ever slimmest and thinnest NVIDIA GTX 1080 powered gaming laptop.

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When it comes to laptops with desktop-class GPU, it’s not easy to embed bulky hardware without compromising on the device’s thickness level. But this upcoming ASUS gaming notebook is said to measure at a thickness of just 16.56mn (to give you a better idea, current slimmest gaming notebook is the Razer Blade Pro which measure at 22.5mm thickness level). If ASUS indeed manages to pull off this feat, it will be become the manufacturer of the world thinnest gaming notebook device with GTX 1080 GPU inside of it.

On a flip side, this type of hardware and associated accomplish does come at a price. Gaming enthusiasts would know that most high-end best gaming notebooks come at a hefty price tag. Whether ASUS will be able to offer its device at a more reasonable price point by squeezing manufacturing costs remains unclear for now. There’s always a possibility that improved standard and engineering could force ASUS to offer its next gaming laptop at a steep price level to justify better specs. It makes sense for a manufacturer to charge premium price for all the effort it had put into manufacturing a device that contains powerful internals gorged inside the thinnest chassis for a gaming notebook on record.


ASUS is yet to name its gaming laptop. But as far as the internals are concerned, the device will feature an Intel Core i7-7700HQ sporting up to 24GB of DDR4 RAM. The unnamed ASUS notebook is all set to constitute a PCIe NVMe SSD to ensure uninterrupted supply of high power and performance with fast response time for the extended periods of time. We are exciting to check out what level of performance the device could achieve.

Although, there is no news regarding the eventual launch of the device, we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be launched at CSE2017 or earlier. What aspect of the news on the supposedly the world thinnest GTX 1080 powered gaming notebook fascinated you? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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