Apple’s Spaceship Headquarters Opening In April

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‘Apple Park’ is the name of the new Apple headquarters that is nearing completion and will open in April 2017 with the first batch of employees moving to the futuristic building in the just over a month’s time while the construction work on the remaining parts expected to finish soon. Some sections of the Apple’s spaceship style headquarters will also be open to the public. The uniquely designed structure is almost ready.

The spaceship has well and truly landed, folks. Apple’s new headquarters – being referred to as the spaceship – will start functioning in April with some areas reserved for public visitation. The first employees will start working from the 175-acre campus from April as the work on other remaining parts to finish soon afterwards, said the company in an official statement.

All 12,000 employees will move from the current headquarters to the new spaceship campus Cupertino, California, over the course of the next year or so. The Apple Park is the last product from co-founder Steve Job, who died October 5, 2011, after spending several years battling pancreatic cancer. The iconic Apple founder conceptualized new headquarters as the bastion of innovation and a place where the employees of the Cupertino giant can continue to harness their creative skills for producing trend setting products.

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Due to Apple’s rapid expansion, current site is not enough to hold ever growing company operations and rapidly increasing number of employees. Apple’s current headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop can accommodate about 2,800 employees.

The new building has 2.8 million-square-foot ring-shaped building covered entirely in glass. Steve referred to the site design as the spaceship when he showed his development plan to the Cupertino City Council back in 2011. The design fits perfectly to the eccentric nature of the late Apple boss, who envisioned the building to be unlike any other company headquarter in the world and his penchant for unique designs clearly reflects in the new headquarters. Although the complex was initially projected to open in 2015, but hurdles in securing the approval from the city council led to the delay.

To commemorate late co-founder, the new campus will feature a 1,000 seater auditorium called the Steve Jobs Theater. Apple Park has a 20-foot-tall entrance, 165-foot diameter glass cylinder with metallic corbon-fiber roof. The theater will be situated at the hilltop.

“Steve’s vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement. “The workspaces and parklands are designed to inspire our team as well as benefit the environment. We’ve achieved one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world, and the campus will run entirely on renewable energy.”

The structure will be powered entirely by renewable energy sources. A 17-megawatt rooftop solar installation will be “one of the largest” on earth, according to the company. The main building will be the “world’s largest naturally ventilated building, projected to require no heating or air conditioning for nine months of the year.”

The entire area is comprised of 9,000 trees and two miles of paths for workers, along with a meadow, orchard and pond. There is a 100,000 square foot gym coupled with an outdoor path for walking and running.

“Steve invested so much of his energy creating and supporting vital, creative environments,” Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, said in a statement. “We have approached the design, engineering and making of our new campus with the same enthusiasm and design principles that characterize our products.”

Apple’s is notoriously famous for secrecy, however, under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook, company is more open than at any point in its history, as the public will be able to visit the new Apple Park barring out of bounds areas. There is also a cafe, a visitor center and an Apple Store for the public, according to CNET.

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