Apple’s AirPod Tear Down Shows Components Integratlly Tied Together, Impossible To Repair


Apple was under growing pressure to come up with an innovative device before the launch of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Apple iWatch didn’t exactly lit up the imagination, which mostly received a lukewarm response when it went for sale. Amid mounting scrutiny Apple decided to launch a revamped AirPods, formerly known as the EarPods, along with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple, which prides itself on designing revolutionary products, went dormant in innovation department for the most part of the last few years. Apart from the iPhone 7, there was one more product from Apple which garnered a lot of interest this year. We are talking about Apple AirPods.

In order to design a slimmer device, Apple got rid of the 3.5mm earphone jack. It has to be said it was a brave move on Apple’s part as the company entered untested waters with the decision of completely abandoning earphone hack, which until then was considered an essential part of smartphones. Unsurprisingly, as is the case with any new concept, users and analysts were skeptical initially. Most heaped scorn on Apple for removing headphone jack on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Human nature resists change; it takes some time to get used to new ideas. With the removal of earphone hack, Apple made up for it with the new product, the Apple AirPods, which is a set of wireless earphones. Folks at iFixit have perform a complete tear down of the AirPods. Here’s what they found.

Apple AirPods Tear Down Reveals Intricate Internal Composition Which Renders Them Impossible To Repair

It’s not a rocket science to understand that trying to slot too many parts in a small unit usually results in a disheveled circuitry. And this makes it extremely tough to tear down such a device for reverse engineering or study purposes. iFixit decided to undertake this arduous task with Apple’s AirPods. According to iFixit, Apple AirPods are basically beyond repair. AirPods got 0 out of 10 on the repair-ability scale from iFixit. Let us take a look what makes AirPods such a tough but to crack.

Firstly, the AirPods are powered by a 93 millwat hour battery, which is equivalent to just 1 percent of the iPhone’s battery unit. To compound matters more, each AirPods in a set has its own individual model number. The right AirPod has A1523 model number and the left AirPod is labelled A1722. The IR proximity sensor is embedded inside the speaker section of AirPod. The logic board with plethora of wires and a minuscule coaxial connector are also housed inside Apple AirPods.

Now to slightly easier to understand bit of AirPods. Removing the charging contacts bares the battery shadowed by the antenna. When the battery is done away with the flex cable teared down, next comes an assembly of speakers that contains the IR sensors with antennas. The W1 chip is called Apple 343500130. Even the case of the AirPods is hard to dismantle. And all this is cemented together with ample amount of glue, which shows the AirPods were not meant to be opened for repair. So, if they get damaged, only way is to buy a new set of AirPods and fill Apple’s coffers in dong so.

Furthermore, iFixit also made a startling discovery that the soldering in the chip joints is particularly of low quality. Moreover, the case is composed of a few chips with adjoining indicators for the power light. In short, Apple’s AirPods were meant to be tiny to ensure their convenient portability. A small device with even smaller circuit and component parts. What are your view on this? Share in the comments section below.

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