Apple to Ditch 16GB Storage Option in iPhone 7 – Base Model will Come with 32GB Storage


As per tech industry experts new Apple iPhone 7 will come with the base model of 32GB instead of current with 16GB storage options. Apple is cognizant of the fact that on 16GB models available storage is barely around 12GB which is hardly enough to save all multimedia files, work documents, emails, and images downloaded from the internet and social networks. So leaping to iPhone 7 32GB base storage model makes perfect sense. This latest rumor goes against news earlier this year that Apple might stick to 16GB base models for iPhone 7. If The Wall Street Journal reports are to be believed we should expect the next flagship offering from Apple to start with 32GB storage option as base model.

Information excavated by The Wall Street Journey from a sources close to Apple, who refused to be named, reinforces rumors that the next iPhone resemble current iPhone 6/6S models with slight changes in antenna structure and headphone jack.

According to the source, new entry point for the next Apple iPhone will be 32GB. Moreover, new iPhone will support dual-camera on the back. Some say that the iPhone 7 will also feature force touch home button and new Space Black color.


256GB storage option is also being reported by some insiders. Price list leaked last month showed prices at which iPhone 7 32Gb/64GB/256GB models are expected to be available for sale. iPhone 7 Pro and iPhone 7 Pro Plus would come with 32GB/128GB/256GB internal storage.


As we know in the past Apple tried to justify 16GB storage option by stating that since most users saved bulk of the their content on cloud storage services which leaves ample space for apps and games to be installed and played on iPhone, it also makes entry level option more affordable. But users preference are shifting most avoid 16GB models precisely because they don’t want to delete apps to empty more storage on iPhone.

Don’t expect significant changes in iPhone 7. But 2017 models is said to feature drastic changes in design and functionality of the phone to mark the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. It is expected to come in all-glass design and OLED display with home button enclosed in the screen.

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