Apple To Discontinue Iconic MacBook Air Claims IHS

macbook air set to be discontinued by Apple

Apple is getting ready to pull the plug on its iconic MacBook Air laptop with 16% reduction in production already underway for the overall MacBook lineup, according to a report by IHS. Apple has been going through a rough patch lately. The company has missed most of its revenue targets last year culminating in the bonus and perks cuts for its CEO, Tim Cook.

Last year’s refresh of the Macbook lineup failed to lit up the excitement among Apple fans and prospected users mainly because of more than expected price hike of MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, which many thought doesn’t justify minor design changes and a new touch bar. After the shipment of Macbooks of 2016, users started reporting issues with battery. One latest report suggests that things are not getting any better for MacBooks. Here are the details.

Apple Seems Poised To Slash MacBook Production By As Much As 16% This Year In Reaction To Low Market Demand

Apple is experiencing a PR disaster with its latest lineup of MacBook laptops as many users are reporting the battery performance on the latest MacBook Pro notebooks is miserable at best. To make the matters worse, Apple doesn’t seem to have a clue as to how to address the issue as the battery problem isn’t related to software by the looks of it, which would have been easier to fix for Apple. Hardware and battery on MacBook Pro 2016 are being said to be the main culprits behind the low battery issue. Apple proclaims to deliver the best hardware in the business to justify massive prices tags associated with its products. It’s only natural for users to pan Apple for hardware related issues on its products, especially after spending so much of their hard earned money on them.

Who can forget iPhone 6 bendgate when the device was launched back in 2014. Recently, we saw complaints related to iPhone 6s battery, but as it was primarily a software bug that caused the problem it was quickly fixed by Apple with an iOS update.

Today, IHS securities has released a new report on the status of MacBook laptops. Analysts over their at IHS are predicting with surety that the MacBook production will be reduced by almost 16% this year. MacBook Air lineup looks certain to face the axe as Apple tries to make up for some of the losses on recent decline in profits margins. According to IHS, Apple will produce 13.6 million MacBook notebooks this year down by 2.6 million units compared to last year level when the company produced a total of 16.2 million units.

Reason for allegedly shutting down the MacBook Air lineup is the company’s policy of replacing them with another struggling device the 12.9-inch iPad Pro in the hope of improving its sales. iPad Pro sport almost the same processing power and specs as the MacBook Air. In fact, in terms of display quality, iPad Pro is a much better option than the MacBook Air notebook. Whether this move by Apple will translate into higher sales remains to be seen. You can share your views on this view in the comments section below.

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