Apple Stops Support for iOS 10.2, Here’s What it Means for Jailbreak

apple stops signing ios 10.2, how to keep using yalu jailbreak

As expected, Apple has killed support for iOS 10.2 days after the release of the yalu102 jailbreak exploit for public in order to block any attempt to jailbreak iOS 10.2 running 64-bit iPhone and iPad devices. The move was always on the cards since the release iOS 10.2.1 official update about a week ago. With the official Apple support for iOS 10.2 ended for good, here are its implications on yalu102 iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

Luca Tudesco released yalu102 jailbreak with support for selected 64-bit iOS 10.2 iPhone and iPad devices last week. The yalu102 jailbreak comes with the support for all 64-bit iOS 10.2 running devices except the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. Like mentioned above, Apple has ended official support for iOS 10.2, it means anyone who hadn’t upgraded or downgraded their iPhone or iPad on to iOS 10.2 won’t be able to install iOS 10.2 via usual iTunes method for getting device ready for the Yalu102 jailbreak.

Our regular visitors to the website, who were clever enough to follow our suggestion on how to save SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.2 when it was still being supported by Apple, will be able to downgrade to now unsigned iOS 10.2 version in order to get their device ready for Yalu102 jailbreak barring some restrictions that apply for the process to work. See more details about it here.

However, if you wasted an opportunity to save SHSH2 blobs for iOS 10.2 when the firmware was officially signed by Apple, i regret to inform you that you have missed the boat because once Apple stops digitally signing a firmware, you can no longer save SHSH2 blobs for that version. Downgrading to unsigned iOS version using iTunes or SHSH2 blobs is not possible once the official support for it get terminated by Apple.

As to when will the jailbreak solution for latest officially supported iOS version comes along is anyone’s guess. Apple now releases iOS updates in rapid succession with the view to make it tough for iOS jailbreak community to create a working jailbreak solution and release it for public. This has made matters tougher for the creators of iOS jailbreak to keep up with frequent releases of the iOS firmware versions to design jailbreak exploits in time. Perhaps that’s why iconic figure of iOS jailbreak community, Luca Tudesco, recently announced that he’s done with iOS jailbreak with iOS 10.2 being his last foray into the iOS jailbreak. We hope he changes his mind, or someone steps in his shoes and fill the void once Luca leaves the iOS jailbreak scene to keep releasing jailbreak solutions for the fans of iOS jailbreak.

Maybe folks over there at Pangu, Taig, or Cydia will step in Tudesco’s place to keep releasing iOS jailbreaks for latest iOS firmware version in a timely manner. As soon as any new report comes with regard to the iOS jailbreak, we will inform you about it here: keep watching this space.

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