Apple Reportedly Acquiring AMOLED Panels For iPhone 8 From Samsung

samsung to provide oled panels for iphone 8

Apple iPhone 8 is still many months away so that rumors and news regarding the next iPhone device aren’t clear yet. According to latest reports coming out of Digitimes indicate an interesting pattern emerging in supply chain department concerning the next iPhone device. The latest rumors point that a new iPhone model with 5.8-inch will be launched with AMOLED display supplied exclusively by Samsung.

The report by Digitimes goes on to state that Apple is planning to release its next iPhone device in three different screen sizes: flagship 5.8-inch, 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch models but the AMOLED display will be reserved only for the 5.8-inch model of iPhone 8, or whatever Apple decides to call it. This could also be a potential stumbling block as manufacturing AMOLED displays on such a large quantity will pose a challenge to Samsung.

Digitimes also predicts that the production schedule has already been decided upon by Apple and Samsung:

Supply chain makers of the new iPhone will begin production in small volumes in March 2017 and increase output in May-June.

All rumors for now seem to be pointing that Samsung is in the pole position to produce the next iPhone 8, which is really a sensational news considering both Samsung and Apple are the main rivals in the smartphone market. Moreover, Apple is also planning to add another new 5.5 or 5 inch iPhone model along with the usual 4.7-inch and 5.8-inch models found in the current lineup of Apple iPhone.

The alleged 5 or 5.5 inch iPhone 8 is being lined up with the addition of a dual lens camera currently found in only iPhone 7 Plus model but with a new vertical design. Another interesting bit about the next iPhone includes the screen real-estate, which, according to some analysts, may be as much as 0.3-inch bigger than the one on current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. Whether Apple goes ahead with all bazel-less design on all three rumored models of the iPhone 8 or keeps it limited to just the flagship variant remains to be seen.

Of course all this is still rumor and more is to come in the weeks and months leading up to the eventual launch of the much anticipated 10 year anniversary launch edition of the Apple iPhone in 2017. Like always, we will keep informing you on the latest developments related to the iPhone 8, so stay tuned.

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