Apple Patched Prometheus Jailbreak Hack For Unsigned iOS Downgrade / Upgrade

prometheus hack tool blocked by apple

All iOS jailbreak users and fans would be familiar with the fact that once Apple stops digitally signing iOS firmware by plugging all routes to downgrading on to that iOS version, it get’s impossible to downgrade, reinstall, or upgrade to that particular iOS firmware. If you have been staying in touch with the latest iOS jailbreak, you must be familiar with the recently released Prometheus jailbreak hack tool that enables jailbroken iOS device to run unsigned iOS version. You can download and install Prometheus tool on your iOS device. But the bad new is, Apple has plugged the loophole that allowed Prometheus jailbreak tool to work. Let’s see the implications of this move by Apple on iOS 10 jailbreak’s future prospects.

Apple Blocked The Route To Downgrade To Unsigned iOS Version By Patching Prometheus Hack Tool

Prometheus is a tool that allows users of jailbroken iOS devices to downgrade the device firmware to any previously unsigned iOS firmware version. It allowed users to use the iOS version even when its not officially supported by Apple anymore. The process involving the use of Prometheus tool is far from easy, which only the experience jailbreak fans can pull off without any issue. Prometheus requires users to first save .SHSH2 blobs. It not possible to downgrade to unsigned iOS version using Prometheus without saving .SHSH2 blobs for that particular iOS firmware version. If you don’t have SHSH2 blobs already saved, you cannot downgrade device’s firmware.

If you like, see how Prometheus hack tool is used to downgrade on to unsigned iOS version.

Prometheus was thought to be working fine, but several Reddit users are reporting that it’s no longer working as Apple has patched Prometheus hack. What this means is when you try to use the Prometheus tool, an error message pops up showing Apple’s TSS server is down and unable to sign the firmware. If you visit Apple’s TSS page, there will a ‘Server not ready’ message showing on it. All this signals that Apple is making changes required to block all attempts to downgrade on unsigned iOS via Prometheus tool.

However, users of non-jailbroken iOS devices are able to install iOS updates. This indicates that Apple’s TSS servers are not actually down but are trying to thwart any attempt at downgrading iOS using Prometheus tool. Apple takes its iOS security seriously, that’s why it leaves nothing to chance when it comes to blocking and patching any inadvertent opening left in its iOS firmware that would otherwise enable users to bypass Apple terms and conditions of iOS use.

The creator of Prometheus hack, Tihmstar, has not responded to this latest move by Apple. No official statement is available from the team behind Prometheus tool yet. But they are expected to come up with some sort of a response soon and you will get to hear about it first here at so stay tuned. Also, don’t forget to share your views on this news in the comments section below.

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