Annoying Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor Fixed – Here Is The Solution [Video]

galaxy s8 fingerprint reader fix

Samsung’s new smartphones the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are design marvels barring one nagging issue that’s been annoying users the most. Yes, i am talking about the misplaced Galaxy S8 fingerprint reader at the back side. Many users have complained that they find it hard to reach the fingerprint sensor to unlock Galaxy S8/S8+ phone. But thankfully this won’t be an issue much longer as the much-needed fix for that fingerprint sensor has been discovered by a user who posted a solution on his Periscope.

Samsung messed it up big time with the placement of fingerprint sensor on its latest Galaxy smartphones. The sensor is at ‘hard to reach’ spot, not only is it in real close proximity to the camera lens making it hard to tell camera lens from the fingerprint sensor without looking at it, there is one other issue that’s been pestering users of the S8 & S8+ and it’s about reaching to touch sensor while holding the device in one hand. However, someone has been able to come up with the solution to this irritating issue as we are going to tell you shortly, so keep on reading.

Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Sensor Protrudes From the Back, That Makes It Easier to Reach Out and Touch While Holding the Device In One Hand

This fix has been discovered by a tech blogger Quinn Nelson whose finding will surely change the way you use fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S8/S8+ phone. But first it should be noted that the process requires significant level of technical skills to separate the glass panel at the back end of the device. To start off, Nelson broke the back glass cover of the Galaxy S8, which prompted ordering a new replacement panel to replace the original one.

During the process of replacing the back side, some issues came to the surface so Quinn opted to use waterproof adhesive to place the rear end into its proper spot. That being said, the fix he managed to conjure up might have been purely accidental because he did not press the sensor in order to make it stand up a bit from the body of the phone.

galaxy s8 fingerprint sensor fix

And the result of it is the fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8 protrudes out of the rare end. When you place it on a flat surface with the back end touching the surface, the smartphone no longer lies flat. This is the trade-offs the users have to be ready to make when they choose to go ahead with this fix.

On the positive side, the fingerprint sensor now rests at a much convenient position that can be easily reached to touch and unlock your phone. We advise extreme caution while applying this fix, do so at your own risk. It’s suggest if you are not well versed in handling technical side of smartphones that you should stay away from this kind of fix or you might end up damaging your handset perhaps even beyond repair.


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