AMD Unveils Ryzen Processor – A Real Intel Competitor With Massive Improvements

amd ryzen process for desktop price, preorder date and performance results

AMD needed a huge comeback to make up for the lackluster lineup of PC processors last time around. And what could be gathered from the lunch event of the latest AMD Ryzen processor family, we can say with confidence that AMD has managed to pull it off with an impressive series of computer chips. AMD Ryzen desktop processor family packs a real punch with powerful chipsets that can pose a stern challenge to Intel’s hegemony as the king of desktop processors.

AMD claims that the new lineup of Ryzen processors are being launched to rival Intel’s chips in terms of power and efficiency. AMD seems to have learnt a harsh lesson with the previous processors that failed spectacularly when it came to performing in real-world scenarios. Those below-par processors have since been relegated to mostly on low-end computers by some PC manufacturers who are still offering some of their desktop models with older AMD processors as the main power source.

According to latest test results, the Ryzen processors have managed to achieve a 52 percent jump in instructions per cycle (IPC) compared to last generation of chipsets, which is so impressive a feat that it matches the performance levels recorded by Intel’s processor with similar specs.

The Ryzem family of processors will be offered in multiple variants. The company is first releasing the high-end Ryzen 7 in coming days, rest of the lineup will follow in succeeding weeks and months. The upper-tier chip has eight cores and 16 threads. It will cost you $329. The high-end Ryzen 7 1800X features 3.6GHz (4.0GHz turbo) will come at $499, which is lot cheaper compared to the similar Intel i7-6900K processor priced at $1050.

AMD claims that singlehreaded benchmark scores show its 1800X is on par with 6900K, and performs even better than the Intel’s chip on multithreaded results.

But AMD’s processors take up more megahertz to achieve those results, which leaves Ryzen chips lacking the Intel Broadwell’s per hertz performance. However, AMD is positioning its processors by claiming that they match or surpass Intel across the spectrum with affordable prices.

The new Ryzen processor family is now open for preorder and will start shipping from March 2nd onward. AMD is launching the new processors with a variety of motherboard options and plenty of chips in stock. We are hoping that Ryzen will be able to deliver as promised by AMD. Whether the processors will be able to meet or exceed expectations can only be verified when the end-users in desktop market start reporting their feedback. Anyway, for now, it’s a healthy sign that we have an Intel alternative in PC market.

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