AMD Radeon RX Vega Will Deliver Best Value For Your Buck, Says Company Insider

amd radeon rx vega rumors and news

As the AMD Radeon RX Vega launch is getting ever so close, we are starting to get more information regarding various aspects of the upcoming GPU. Recently, a reliable company insider took to his Twitter claiming that the AMD’s next desktop class GPU lineup will be the best in the business when it comes to offering best value for bucks. Let’s dissect this claim, shall we?

Graphics GPUs have always struggled to hit the best spot when it comes to achieving best price to performance ratio. But, if this claim by a company insider is to be believed, AMD might have pulled off an impossible. AMD is currently working on the gaming based cards with the anticipated launch still several months away.

AMD Radeon RX Vega Will Give Best Value For Money In Terms Of Performance To Price – Claims Insider Source

This claim followed hot on the heels of an interesting bit of information recently released on Videocardz forum by the source Tweaker that Vega RX will be power hungry, meaning it’s prone to high energy consumption for delivering stable performance at high speed over an extended period of time. However, this power consumption issue could be pushed to the back as it may not matter much as long as the GPU unit manages to give satisfactory performance.

Now on to our today’s topic that Radeon Vega RX is rumored to be on course to deliver top-of-the-line performance at the best possible price, which could set it apart from competitors’ offerings. This information filtered down to use thanks to Bits and Chips who boasts a reliable track record of releasing authentic rumors. As you can see in the images of tweets below that Vega will possess top performance and price balance.

This seems to be a propitious news for those who have been waiting for refreshed lineup of AMD gaming GPU for quite some time now, which can get even better for AMD fans if the company does decide to release graphics cards at several price points. Radeon RX Vega cards aimed at different market segments and now with multiple pricing possibility it could herald a major shift in the future GPU pricing in the industry.

amd radeon rx vega news

Two Vega GPUs are already in the market designed specifically for the Apple Mac Pro computers, that include a full fledged 64 NCU and a lower-end 56 CU variant. Number of cores in both of these are same to those found in the Radeon R9 Fury series of cards at 4096 and 3584 respectively. However, upcoming Vega series is being tipped to perform at high throughput and increased clock speeds. Besides, numerous changes in the architecture are meant to design GPUs that are future proof so that they can handle heavy games for years ahead.

Source also claimed that Polaris GPU series will feature balanced price to power consumption ratio. Similar things are being said about the Vega graphics cards that resemble the Radeon R9 Nano in form factor, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Furthermore, the source also of the view that although Vega is high-class GPU, HPC market will have to wait until the release of Navi to be able to squeeze out the optimum performance levels needed to carry out AI/HPC related tasks. Vega lacks double precision hardware found in the NVIDIA Tesla and could take a full generation until it catches up with its NVIDIA counterpart.

If you go over to the Videocardz page, it has leaked slides containing verified information that AMD is scheduled to start working on a Vega 20 GPU with same features as current generation of Vega 10 GPUs but with additional precision hardware. However, this information is rather old, things could change if AMD diverges from the proposed plan in the upcoming months. So, what do you think about this interesting bit of information regarding AMD’s future plans for Radeon Vega GPU, do share your views in the comments section below.

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