Amazing iPhone 8 Concept Render Shows Bezel-Less Device With Function Area – See [Video]

iphone 8 concept render video

iPhone 8 is featuring awful lot these days in rumored reports and rendered concept arts. Today, a new iPhone 8 concept video was upload online and is already created waves around the world as it shows a device that will blow away the competition in terms of device design, if Apple does indeed decide to go with this design. This iPhone 8 render shows a markedly different smartphone compared to the current models as it demonstrates a device without bezels and no home/touch ID button. A new function area is thought to be replacing the Home/Touch ID button at the bottom of the front display panel in this year’s iPhone mode.

As you can see in the render video which we have shared below that the concept of the function area on iPhone 8 is heavily inspired by the Apple’s MacBook touch bar. Rumor mill is buzzing with speculation that Apple is working on a device without any home button and edge-to-edge display. The functions of Home & Touch ID will be handled by specially designed and strategically places sensors underneath the display panel that will perform traditional home button tasks based on the pressure users apply on the sensor area.

Abandoning Home button on iPhone 8 will allow Apple to incorporate a large display screen by expanding the panel beyond the normal limits of the iPhone device. This extra screen real-estate will be more useful as it will allow Apple to retain the current device size at the same time offering bigger screen for watching videos, using apps, and for other daily tasks.

Taking this into account, the new render video draws its inspiration from the MacBook Pro’s touch bar and tweaks it to fit the iPhone. And the result the quite stunning as you can see in the video below. The beautifully rendered concept of iPhone 8 is by far the best to have appeared online so far. This will surely spur a lively debate as to the display size, panel composition and color rendering on the iPhone 8.

Let’s see if someone else manages to take this iPhone 8 concept to another level by adding something more to it. Frankly, we would love to see function area replacing the home button on iPhone. It will truly be a revolutionary move if Apple goes ahead with it.

Check out the full rendered video of the iPhone 8 concept below and do share you views on it in the comments section below.

Another rumored out of KGI Securities is claiming that Apple is bringing advanced front-facing FaceTime camera with 3D sensing capability on all three models of the iPhone 8. Apple recently acquired a 3D camera technology firm, which is fueling the rumors that the company will bring camera powered by PrimeSense algorithm. According KGI, the front-facing camera will incorporate three modules: one found in current iPhone models, second being an infrared transmitting module, and the third infrared receiving module. These modules when combined together will be able to use FaceTime camera determine the precise location and the depth of the objects.


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