Add Folders to iOS Dock on iPhone / iPad – [The Easy Way]

how to add folders to ios dock on iphone and ipad

Here’s what you need to do to add folders to iOS dock on iPhone or iPad device without needing to jailbreak it first. If you are an iOS device users, you would know that Apple doesn’t allow users to directly create folders in the dock. In this quick tutorial we will be trying to accomplish just that.

Adding folders to iPhone or iPad dock could be a very useful trick as it saves you extra swiping to first reach folders on the home screen and then tap again to open them to access individual apps placed in them. With app folder on the iOS dock, you can access important apps from anywhere on the home screen.

Most of the iOS users use folders to keep related apps in a single folder so that they can easily access them without having to swipe all the way to get to the app and then open it. Keeping apps in folders also gives a clean interface look on the mobile device. We highly recommend that you use app folders on iOS.

Moreover, you can use folders to hide unwanted apps that you don’t use often and replace them with frequently used apps. With a simple trick below, you will be able to place app folder on the dock of your iPhone or iPad for quickly accessing important apps. But before proceeding with the method, let me remind you that it is not possible to create iOS folder directly on your iOS device’s dock. You can try it for yourself if you like, go ahead and try placing an app over the app already showing on your iOS dock, nothing will happen, it won’t create a folder.

But, that does not mean you cannot create folders on iOS dock on iPhone or iPad. See the step-by-step guide below to learn how to do it.

How To Add Folders On iPhone or iPad Dock

1 – Identify all the app that you wish to add to a single folder.

2 – Drag all the desired app that you want to add in a folder onto a single home screen including the individual apps already on the iOS dock.

3 – Now create a folder of all those apps as you normally do on the home screen. Tap and hold an app icon, when it starts wiggling, place one app over another on the home screen of the iOS device and keep doing the same until all apps are placed inside the folder.

4 – Once done, simply drag that folder onto the iOS dock.

5 – That’s all.

Its as simple as that. You can now important iOS apps from a single folder in the dock no matter where you are on the home screen. We don’t know the exact reason behind Apple decision of not allowing to direct create apps folder on the iOS dock, but one thing is for sure, its not impossible to add app folders in the iOS dock as shown the guide above.

By arranging apps in folders, you can save yourself extra swiping on the iOS home screen as it allows you to quickly access apps from one place. Moreover, you don’t need to close one app to open the apps already place inside the on the iOS dock.

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