A Thinner & Lighter PlayStation 4 Under Development – [Rumors Roundup]


Sony is allegedly working on a significantly leaner version of its famous gaming consoles, if latest rumors are to be believed. We recently witnessed Sony releasing PlayStation 4. But if these latest claims are true, the PS4 console is about to get even more lighter and thinner than the current model.

The source of this rumor is Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes, that published a report with claim about the early knowledge regarding this PS4 update. This extensive report also covers other gaming console projections and upcoming trend in console gaming. Also part of this report is the first-year shipping forecast for the Nintendo’s latest Switch game console as well as information on the upcoming Xbox Scorpio.

“Microsoft’s game console is reportedly manufactured by Pegatron Technology and Flextronics and the orders are expected to become a key revenue contributor to Pegatron in the second half.”

However, the report doesn’t shed any light as to which lineup of PS4 models the next console will fit in. Nothing is known whether the new slimmer PlayStation 4 console will be a part of the PS4 Slim lineup or Sony is planning to release it as the toned down version the PS4 Pro family.

The PS4 Slim is already really very thin. It doesn’t seem there is much room for further trimming of the thickness without compromising on the hardware department. However, the much bulkier PS4 Pro model looks a likely candidate for getting the physical overhaul, which also makes more sense in the light of the upcoming Xbox console by Microsoft as Sony will be looking to give customers an updated alternative with something new.

Sony released the PlayStation 4 Slim back in September of last year, which was followed up by the launch of the PS4 Pro console in November. Yearly console refresh cycle means a newer, slimmer device in very much likely.

This is still a rumor, many things can change in the months preceding the eventual launch of the next PlayStation console.

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