A Pokemon GO Fan Creates 3D Trainer Supporting Windows 10 Getup


Pokemon GO has become a worldwide smash hit and its fever shows no sign of waning anytime soon. Pokemon GO mobile app is sitting pretty at the top of both Android and iOS platforms ever since its launch. However, Windows 10 users are still waiting for the PC version of the game, although you can follow our guide to play Pokemon GO for PC but official app is yet to launch. And this has prompted angry response from PC users who feel like being left behind by Niantic, the makers of Pokemon GO, who is favoring only mobile platform. One Windows 10 fan, 3D artist Dragos Licar, has expressed his dismay at the snub in a unique way by designing completely custom made Pokemon Trainer in Windows 10 Getup.

This is kind of a signal to Niantic that Windows 10 PC users are still waiting to get into the good graces of the developers of Pokemon GO. Instead of sulking at the corner waiting, this fan took matters in his own hands and created Pokemon GO Trainer in Windows 10 style.

As you can see in the image that the trainer has Windows logo stamped on the shirt. It also has Windows themed hat. But things don’t end there, if you look carefully, there is Windows 10 powered Lumia device in Trainer’s hand indicating that Windows 10 users, however few they maybe, deserve to treated well and play Pokemon GO on their platform.

This has sent a clear message that Windows 10 users are no longer content with being forced to use Android or iOS just to play the game that they love. Maybe this will out pressure on Niantic and Microsoft might be able to convince them that its worth spending resources on creating Windows 10 Pokemon GO app.

Whether this will materialize remains to be seen. But one thing is certain that Windows users are not going down without a fight until they get Pokemon GO on Windows 10 PC and Phones.

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