8 Best Windows 10 Skins / Themes – [Download]

Download free best windows 10 skins and themes

Best Windows 10 Skins / Themes are now available to download free on any desktop or laptop running Windows 10 (32-bit / 64-bit) version. Latest Windows 10 Update has been released by Microsoft that can be downloaded via ISO links. Most Windows users look for best Windows themes and skins first thing after upgrading to a new OS. As the internet is full of skins/themes for Windows 10, we decided to make search process easier for you by bringing to you top 8 best Windows 10 skins and themes below designed not only to give your PC software a better, refreshing look and appearance, they also make navigation and managing files on computer super fun. So lets discover Best Windows 10 Skins free to download on PC desktop/laptop.

Windows 10 has been a much needed hit for Microsoft who badly needed a boost after the horrible Windows 8/8.1 experience in terms of sales and critical reviews. Windows 10 brings a refreshing look coupled with stable performance. It is being hailed as the least virus and error prone Windows OS to date. And now you can further enhance the Windows 10 looks and experience by using the Best Windows 10 Skins or Themes available for free download. You can use these themes to make Windows 10 look updated and fashionable. As an added bonus, these themes come with wallpapers as well which you can set as main desktop image. So here is a list of best Windows 10 Skins and download your favorite skin/theme from the download links given with each skin.

Top 8 Best Skins / Themes For Windows 10

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 and want to give a new improved look to your PC operating system, then download the selected skins and themes from below on any desktop PC/laptop.

Aero Glass


Download Aero Glass skin for Windows 10 for free. This attractive skin gives your Windows 10 device a completely changed look. It features Aero Glass interface which gives off transparent icon and tabs feel to Windows 10.



It is one of our favorite Windows 10 skins. Download Skin theme on your desktop or laptop to give your device a beautiful interface. It gives you PC’s operating system a new look similar to what you would expect from a notebook. You can even customize theme colors and patterns according to personal liking.



This Flattastic Windows 10 Skin is for those who like simplistic flat design for windows icons, folders, and menu items. It is one of the best new Windows 10 skins for computer users. Moreover, this one theme contains 8 versions of Flattastic bright and dark themes. Fans of minimalist Windows themes need not look any further than this awesome theme.



StartIsBack theme is a nostalgic trip back to the good old days of the Windows 7. If you are missing Windows 7 interface after updating to Windows 10, then download this skin to cover new Windows 10 OS with the famous Windows 7 looks, including the start button.

Mac OS X El Capiton


This one if for Windows 10 users who hate Mac computers but like its icons, appearance and looks. Download Mac OS El Capiton theme to transform Windows 10 into a Mac OS like interface. This great looking skins gives Mac OS X like experience on a Windows 10 PC. It even has Mac OS X app drawer and icons styles.

Unbuntu SkinPack


As its name implies, this Unbuntu SkinPack theme turns Windows 10 into Unbuntu OS with complete interface overhaul to use Windows PC like a Ubuntu running device.



Like Vanilla ice-cream, this Vanilla Windows 10 Skin is also very popular. Featuring artistic icon style and interface, this brilliant theme gives a clean look to the entire Windows 10 OS for smooth experience. Everything is clearly shown and mentioned on this skin, which makes navigating through various files and folders quicker and super easy.

Stardock Start10


Again this one is also one of our favorite Windows 10 skins. Startdock Start10 is packed with elegant icon designs and large range of color combination, this theme is a must-have for all Windows 10 users. It gives you an easy customization options for Windows 10 desktop and laptop.

Wrap Up

So these are the 8 Best Windows 10 Themes you can use right now. Download them from the links above and convert your Windows 10 PC into a modern device. You can also use these skins on older Windows operating systems. Which one you liked the best? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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