6 Amazing Android Mods (2017) You Should Use Right Now!

best android mods 2017

Biggest reason for Android’s popularity as a mobile platform relates to the endless customization possibilities it presents to users of smartphones and tablets. Android MODs have always been in high demand because they help improve the way device works or to use phone the way you like, access features that are restricted by manufacturer or app developers, and much more. Let me put it in simple words, Android Mod are anything that can be used to enhance the working of an Android smartphone/tablet. Here are some amazing Android Mods (2017) that you should definitely try.

Here is a list of what you can accomplish with the latest Android MODs (2017) on any smartphone or tablet running any version of the Android mobile firmware.

Hide Display From Unwanted Person

Device data security is the main concern of modern day smartphone users. That’s why having an ability to hide device displays can be really useful in order to prevent any unauthorized person from gaining access to your device or take a peek at your notifications.

Lets face it, no one likes someone else peeking at phone when you are looking at private photos, reading messages, or doing anything personal, especially when travelling on a public transports like bus, train, or even international flights. However, there is a perfect solution for this. The Screen Guard app lets you add different types of filters to your screen’s display, which makes sure only you are able to view the display properly. You can set a plain filter, choose the color of you liking or use various patterns. There is also an option to set the transparency to the desired level from 0-100%.

So, never again worry about your nosy friends or a complete stranger peeking at your device display when you are doing some personal work on it. Also, make sure to up the device brightness before using this the Screen Guard MOD because at times it can get harder to view clearly in outdoor settings.

Enable Rounded Display

Many flagship Android phones these days feature rounded corners and display at the edges such as Galaxy S7, S8, Xiaomi Mi Mix, LG G6, and many other models. However, there is a good news, you don’t have to purchase an expensive Android phone with rounded corners because with Cornerfly app you can get the rounded display on any Android smartphone.

Download Cornerfly from the Google Play Store, install it and give it required permissions and you will be able to see rounded corners on your smartphone. Paid version of the app allows you to increase the size of the rounded edges as well. You might face app issues on some pages but that can be easily fixed from the app’s settings in the notification center. The rounded corner effect works best on phones with black bezels.

Expand RAM of Your Android Device

This is really useful tip for those who use low to mid range Android device with modest specs with less than impressive RAM. Having a low RAM on your device can severely impact user experience while multitasking, playing graphics intensive games and resource hungry apps. Most Android smartphones come with an external microSD card slot which you can use to expand device’s RAM. You might be wondering isn’t the SD card slot for only expanding storage via external storage card, and not RAM? Well, you are right and wrong.

There is an amazing Android MOD app called ROEHSOFT RAM Expander which you can download from the Google Play Store. However, there is one issue, this app works only on rooted Android devices with apologies to the users of non-rooted Android phones.

You might find the app’s UI outdated and appear complicated at first, but that’s not the case once you are familiar with the functions of this mod. Just tap on the Optimum Values button and select your memory card from the list. You will now see different optimum RAM values for gaming, multitasking and other tasks. You can then choose either one of the options on the list or set the swap value manually to add or reduce RAM. Once done. tap on Swap Active button to create a swap file. When finish, you will have additional RAM at your disposal.

More RAM means faster device and fewer lags. This is one of the most handy Android MODs you will find on the play store. Since it’s a paid app therefore check whether your device model is compatible with it before making a purchase.

Battery And Device Performance Enhancing Mods

Android users can be categorized into two distinct categories: one who like better device performance, and the other who want better battery life. There are some great MODDED apps on the play store that can help you to get both better battery and performance at the same time.

One such MOD apps is called Franco Kernel (root only). However, this works only on Nexus, Pixel and OnePlus phones with root access enabled. It brings a ton of features. Firstly, it has a custom Franco Kernel for you device which not only improves performance but also offers great control. The best feature of this app is the Performance Profiles that allows you to select from par saving, balance or performance. Once options are set, the app adjust CPU and GPU to deliver the desired results to give better performance without causing fast battery drain.

You can use France Kernel to manually overclock and underclock CPU and GPU according to your requirements. We wish that this amazing app was available for more Android devices. There is a Kernel Adiutor app for non-supported devices with over and under clocking CPU and GPU features to achieve better performance and battery; the only thing this app lacks is a custom kernel. You should look for custom kernel for you Android device on XDA where you will be able to get one that works with your device model.

Use Fingerprint Sensor to Do More

You can do lot more with the fingerprint scanner than just unlocking your device. Fingerprint gesture app mod helps you can add custom actions to the fingerprint scanner. It’s a really useful feature. You can set fingerprint scanner to scroll, open notification center, toggle settings, or launch an app. There are options to set action for single tap, double tap, or a swipe. You should try this mod that lets you do more with the fingerprint sensor.

Enhance Speaker Sound Quality

Low to mid tier Android devices lack in good quality speakers. Sound output on most of cheaper devices remains a lot to be desired. Not all devices are packed with powerful speaker and if you think your device produces below par sound, there is an Android sound mod called Viper4Android that’s perfect for any Android devices. Click on these links to get the latest Viper4Android Mod for Android Nougat or Android Marshmallow.

How to use Viper4Android Sound Mod:

Viper4Android sound mod requires root access and once installed it really injects a new life into your device’s speakers. When you first open Viper4Android it will prompt you to install its custom sound drivers, do so by taping OK. After that it will enhance the sound quality of the device’s speakers, headset, bluetooth speaker or a dock.

Go to the Phone Speaker tab in Viper4Android mod, enable the Master Power option and select your preferred equalizer profiles. Speaker Optimization option is also a useful feature to let the app enhance the sound quality. If want the maximum sound, you can set it to extra loud volume by turning the wheel on the option.

Wrap Up

There are so many other Android MODs that you will be able to find on the play store as well as on other online forums that really bring your device to life. That’s all folks for the awesome Android MODs (2017) that you should try. Use them and send your feedback or share your favorite cool mods in the comments section below.

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