10 Great WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know About

best whatsapp tips and tricks

WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in the world. We are sure you have WhatsApp installed on your mobile device. Do you know there is lot more you can accomplish using WhatsApp than just sending and receiving texts, videos, stickers, emojis and video calls? Today, we are going to share some amazing tricks that you can use in WhatsApp messenger app on Android and iOS devices.

WhatsApp has the best end-to-end encryption technology that protects your messages from getting accessed by unauthorized person. It’s also free to use messaging app that’s why it the most used message app on the planet. You might be a proficient user of WhatsApp but chances are that you might not be aware of all the cool hidden features inside WhatsApp. That’s exactly what we are going to tell you here. So let’s get started without further ado.

10 Great WhatsApp Tricks You Should Try

Let’s talk about some of the latest WhatsApp Tricks. Sounds interesting? Well, let’s get started.

New Font

First, let’s discuss about the new font. WhatsApp recently introduced a new font that you can use in text messages. To use this new font, add three engraved accent characters (three dots) at the start and the end of the sentence or text onward. If you are an iPhone user, press and hold an apostrophe key on iOS keyboard. Android users can access this new font in the second page of symbols/punctuation. Windows & MAC users can find this new character just below the escape key.

Using Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Do you know you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single Android device? You don’t need to own two or more devices to be able to use two separate WhatsApp accounts. To know more about it, check out our guide on how to setup two or more WhatsApp accounts on a single device. iPhone users can click on this guide to know how to setup multiple WhatsApp accounts on iPhone without jailbreak.

Windows PC/laptop, MAC users can access two or more WhatsApp accounts on one device using All-in-One Chrome app. What’s more, this All-in-One chrome app lets you use multiple accounts from different services such as WeChat, Yahoo, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and others in a single window. Sounds greats, isn’t it?

Read Messages Without Read Receipts

This trick is for iPhone users only. It allows users to read messages without sender knowing that you have read the message. Sender getting the notification of messges read or not may not be a big deal for some users, but for others it could be a pretty serious issue. For this trick to work on iPhone, read WhatsApp messages using 3D touch to peak into the message. Just tap on hold on a contact or group in Chats list to see the latest message popup appearing on WhatsApp screen. Reading messages this way won’t send read receipts to the sender. This works only on those iPhone models that have 3D touch enabled on them.

whatsapp tips and tricks

Embed Previous Text In Your Reply

Another awesome WhatsApp trick is the ability to embed previous messages in your reply so that you don’t have to type them again in your message. This features comes in specially handy in group chats considering it can get confusing at times as to who someone is referring to in a group chat.

To use this trick, press and hold on the message that you wish to quote and hit the reply button. After that, type your reply and simply send it. You will now see your quoted text with reply addressing that specific message.

Hide Notification Preview

WhatsApp notification preview can get really annoying, especially when you area having text conversation in a group or with multiple contacts at a time. These notifications can be distracting if you are watching a video or some other stuff on your mobile device. Furthermore, these notification can also allow anyone in possession of your device to easily see your private messages via these notifications from the notification center.

If you are using an iPhone, you can easily stop WhatsApp notification previews by opening WhatsApp app, go to Settings > Notifications and turn OFF Show Preview option at the end of the page.

Unfortunately this hide notification preview feature is not available on the Android version of the WhatsApp messenger app. However, you can use Oasis’s built-in notification manager to hide WhatsApp notifications on Android devices. For that to work, on your Android device, head over to Settings > Apps and scroll down below to find WhatsApp and tap on it. Now, in the WhatsApp App Info page, go to Notifications and enable Block All option. But do keep in mind that this will stop all WhatsApp notifications from getting delivered onto your device.

Share With Multiple Contacts / Groups

Previously, WhatsApp messenger allowed users to share content from an external source to only a single contact or group. But all that has changed with the WhatsApp updated released at the back end of 2016. You can now share content or media to multiple groups or contacts in WhatsApp. For this, tap on the three-dotted icon on the top-right corner and select Share External from the list of sharing options and choose WhatsApp. Next, select multiple contacts and groups with whom you wish to share that content and hit send.

See Most Frequent Contacts

In the iPhone version of WhatsApp, you can check who you talk to most on WhatsApp. Know your best friends on WhatsApp. Navigate to WhatsApp > Settings > Account and tap on Storage Use. Here you will see contacts with whom you share most messages and media.

Text Formatting

Surprisingly most people don’t know that you can format text messages in WhatsApp. To send a word or text in Bold font, simply type * at the start and the end of a word or sentence. For send text in Italics, enter _ (underscore) at the start and the end of a word or sentence and hit send.

Check Delivery & Read Reports

You can check you has read your message in a group chat in WhatsApp. On an iPhone, simply left swipe on a message. On Android, tap and hold on a message and tap on an Info icon. Now, you will be able to see who read your message and when it was read by that particular contact.

Unblock Yourself

This last trick will enable you to unblock yourself from someone else’s account. We don’t recommend this trick since it’s unethical to badger someone who has already blocked you for some reason. But if you need to get in touch with someone who has blocked you on WhatsApp in case of an emergency, this is the only trick you can use to contact that person.

Go to WhatsApp Settings, tap on Account > Delete my account, here enter your mobile number linked with that WhatsApp account and hit Delete My Account button in red. Once your account is deleted, uninstall WhatsApp from your device. When done, restart your Android mobile or iPhone. Once your device restarts, re-install WhatsApp from Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store for iPhone. After installing WhatsApp, login with your account details. This will unblock your WhatsApp account from all accounts that have block you on WhatsApp. However, Do keep in mind that this way you will lost all previous WhatsApp data including messages, group chats, unsaved contacts. So proceed only if you are willing to make this trade off in terms of lost data.

Wrap Up

These were the latest WhatsApp tricks. I hope you liked them. Do share your feedback on these tricks in the comments section below or share any more tricks that you think we missed in the above list. Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, or add us on Google+ to get the latest news, updates, information, solutions & help related to Apple, Android, Windows, and tech.

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